New work 5

New work 6These two paintings launched an exhibition of new work in April 2018. The journey towards this series was hard work as it coincided with a new house and studio space but ultimately blissful .

These are winter paintings created with a beautiful winter view out of my window. The sea is definitely here again but there are also dirty greens mixed with mud and tree bark showing through.





A Deeper Beauty Lifestyle 3 WEB

A Deeper Beauty Lifestyle 2 WEB

These paintings explore deep aquamarine blues with stormy shapes appearing and disappearing through misty veils of whites and greys.

They are painted in a variety of different media, starting with washes of inks and watery acrylics, layered up with thick impastos, scored lines and powdered pigment.

It was a process of covering and uncovering  brushstrokes, ink, charcoal and pastel revealing a series of smoky layers.

Photography by Adam Carter Photo.







Silver linings 1 & 2 WEBSilver Linings WEB

These paintings explore light and pigment via a delicate balance of lights and darks. They give me the feel of hazy sunlight shining is through milky clouds.

By paying attention to the experience of painting, I can slow the process right down and get closer a finish I am happy with.

Silver Linings are 60 x 60cm and painted in a variety of media including ink, acrylic, charcoal, chalk and powdered pigment.

Photography by Adam Carter Photo.






These extra large 120cm x 120cm pieces work with the colours and textures of this beautiful room (designed by Furnish Interior Design and photographed by Adam Carter). They are made up of layer upon layer of pigment, ink and drawn lines. Blending rich, raw colour with soft diffusing washes.

Miranda Carter, In a New Light

Abstract art can create a greater level of depth to a room. Providing subtle shifts in view without the constraints of a figurative piece.